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The Vector Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis is ...

dedicated to research and training in the areas of population & molecular genetics, genomics and bioinformatics of insect vectors of human and animal disease. We have developed a program aimed at expanding knowledge that may be applied to improving control of disease vectors and that also addresses problems of interest in the field of evolutionary genetics.

We are currently engaged in a range of projects, but the major research focus is on vectors of malaria in Africa.

The research programs within the Vector Genetics Laboratory are directed by Gregory Lanzaro , a professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology (PMI) of the School of Veterinary Medicine (VM), Anton Cornel, a professor in the Department of Entomology and Nematology, and Yoosook Lee, Asst. Researcher in VM:PMI.

Wingbeats 2011 summer edition introduces Vector Genetics Laboratory.

Recent News

May. 18. 2016

Undergraduate Research in the VGL

On Wednesday, April 18 the VGL held its 2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Scholar Recruitment event. The event is the first phase of our recruiting process. This year we had the largest turnout ever, with 17 aspiring vector biologists in attendance. Students came from a number of undergraduate programs on the UC Davis campus, including Animal Biology, Global Disease Biology and Microbiology majors. The two hour event included an introduction to the program presented by Greg Lanzaro and presentations from our faculty (Drs. Yoosook Lee and Brad Main), staff (Youki Yamasaki) and current undergraduate students (Allison Chan and Amanda Everitt). Each speaker described their current research activities and responded to questions from attendees. Students were given a tour of the lab before departing.

The VGL is committed to providing a high quality research experience to students who enter the program. Past undergraduates have gone on to bigger and better things in science including medical school, vet school, graduate degree programs and positions in biotech companies (see our Alumni page). We are very proud of them all. This year we have an exceptionally outstanding group of applicants and we look forward to meeting each one of them.

The next phase of the process involves one-on-one interviews with each applicant and then final selection for admission into the program. We are excited about hosting our next cadre of undergraduate researchers!